Things To Know Regarding CBD Myths

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The cannabidiol market continues to grow year after year. The CBD sector is bringing in billions of dollars to the US economy. Analysts feel that the cannabidiol industry could have a value of $7 billion in 2022.


Several reputable brands deal in CBD goods, and they are likely to grow in the years to come given the present demand for cannabidiol. Other than that, how much information do you know about cannabidiol? CBD studies are still being performed, while there is anecdotal evidence that it is a viable substitute for prescription medication. Cannabidiol could become the much sought-after herbal alternative for health issues such as Parkinson’s disease and sclerosis.


People’s perception of cannabidiol may have changed, but it is related to marijuana even today. Both marijuana and cannabidiol may be different, but people who still associate the former with the latter have a skeptical notion about it.


As with any popular product, it is understandable that there are facts and myths regarding cannabidiol too. Here, we will look at some of those myths.


Cannabidiol Does Not Affect Our Mind


When someone describes cannabidiol as a non-psychoactive substance, what they mean is that it is not intoxicating. Now, intoxicating and psychoactive do not have the same meaning. The term ‘psychoactive’ refers to a drug that affects the human mind. Research has demonstrated that cannabidiol could treat pain, anxiety, mental depression and so forth. There is also evidence from anecdotes that cannabidiol treats those mental health conditions. Therefore, many people even regard cannabidiol as a substitute for antidepressants or anti-anxiety medication.


So, the right description for cannabidiol would be ‘non-intoxicating’. That means the person who uses it will not experience a high/intoxicating sensation.


Cannabidiol Is A Non-Regulated Substance


It would be inaccurate to claim that the US FDA does not even regulate the cannabidiol market for purity and safety. The federal agency has been governing beauty products, supplements, and other items derived from industrial hemp. Further, it often sends warning letters to companies that break cannabis regulations.


The FDA approved the utilization of Epidiolex®, a cannabidiol drug with THC, for the seizures in some forms of epilepsy. So, while you may opine that the agency does not properly or fully regulate the market, its role as a regulatory agency cannot be overlooked.


Every State Has Legalized Cannabidiol

Under the 2018 Farm Bill, growing and distributing hemp and its derivatives are legal. The law defines hemp as a form of cannabis with only up to 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol. If a cannabis plant has over 0.3% THC, then it would be regarded as marijuana. It is possible to derive cannabidiol from both marijuana and industrial hemp, but the former is still regarded as a controlled drug.


That means cannabidiol would be illegal in marijuana-legalized states if it is a derivative of that plant. If you live in California, you might use cannabidiol whether it is a marijuana or hemp derivative.


Anyhow, you should remember that you are not sure to pass a substance screening process for marijuana if you use full-spectrum cannabidiol goods. Why? Because a lot would hinge on how much THC your body takes in and how long you use that whole-hemp product before the test. The FDA does not properly regulate the market, so there are some products with an excessive amount of THC in them. That means you may consume CBD thinking that it is a hemp derivative, but it is also likely to be a marijuana-based item.


CBD Research Results Are Always Uncertain


Cannabidiol has been researched in multiple nations, including the United Kingdom and Brazil, with positive results. It is worth noting that some research has also produced mixed results regarding cannabidiol’s efficacy in treating certain health conditions. Anyhow, researchers feel that there is some promise for CBD as a treatment option. With the federal prohibition on cannabidiol production also being lifted, there would only be more pieces of research on it.


The Market For CBD Is Dodgy


The cannabidiol market is quite unregulated even today is not an exaggeration by any means. Therefore, there are shady cannabis suppliers and other fraudulent industry players prepared to make quick bucks. Anyhow, just because it is starting to be in a comfortable situation, does not mean that cannabidiol alone is not an effective substance. Anecdotes from happy CBD customers are signs that cannabidiol is potentially effective.


That said, you have a responsibility as a customer to single out poorly processed cannabidiol goods that do not meet safety standards. There are dodgy CBD sellers, such as the business locations at gas station properties. Anyhow, you cannot generalize the situation by stating that the whole market is a dodgy one. As a regulatory agency is still not keeping an eye on the market for such malpractices, you should research and read up before buying what you want.